Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Didn't you mean "Flutter-by"?

Did you know there are EIGHT families of Butterflies in Idaho?

I had no clue. But Larry might have. My sweet husband has a Master's degree in Entomology - the study of insects. Weird, I know. My niece, Rachel, always called him the "Bug Uncle" and used to mail him jars of various insects from Colorado to ask him to identify.

While we are out on our walks I'm forever noticing the birds and the flowers. Larry looks for the bugs. Hey, different strokes for different folks. I've never been a big beetle fan myself. But I do LOVE butterflies. We have several of them framed on the bathroom wall.

There are only so many hours in day and I DO have a full time job, plus a side job teaching adjunct college classes, so I have no illusions about becoming any sort of expert in butterflies as well as birds. However, by understanding A LITTLE BIT about the butterflies I can make more mindful choices of what sorts of plants I introduce into my landscaping to make an inviting home for them.

This sounds like a project for my husband to follow up on.
Hey honey - when you get done with all that work on your front yard project, how would you like to track down some information on butterflies of Idaho? We can find out what sorts of them are in our area and see what we can do to attract them, ok?

Butterfly Gardening
List of Butterflies in Idaho
Butterflies and Moths of North America - Idaho
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