Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Here is some of what I have blooming in my yard right now:

Bleeding heart

Tulips (along with some Basket of Gold - and while not blooming that rhubarb you see on the left behind the row of tulips is looking mighty fine.)

I think violets are so cheerful - and the lilies and allium coming up give promise of more pretty blooms yet to come.

Ornamental Plum Tree

Siberian Bugloss (false Forget-me-Not)

The deadnettle along the pathway has gone absolutely nuts. This is just one of the several different species of lamium we have.

I particularly like this one:

There's lots more - way more than I have the patience to photograph or upload. LOTS of things are just beginning to emerge. Every couple of days something new blooms. I love Boise in the spring time. What a blessing it is to have this garden~!

1 comment:

Kim and Victoria said...

My favorite is that last pic. That statue is so cute........

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