Monday, May 31, 2010

Idaho State Parks

On the way home from Utah my beloved and I stopped off at two Idaho State Parks. First we went to Malad Gorge State Park. We had a nice walk along the trail and had some great views of the waterfall and canyon.

Then we drove out the loop and checked out the picnic area and playground. Looked like a great spot for a picnic. (Besides, no matter how old I am I still love playing on the swings!)

Further on down the road we also stopped at Three Island State Park near Glenn's Ferry. We didn't spend as much time there, but did enjoy reading a bit about the Oregon Trail history of that area. There is a museum / interpretive center that we didn't go into but may check out another day. We were ready to get home. But it was still nice to stop and find out what was there so we can plan a more extended visit on another day.

I'm very much looking forward to learning more about Idaho and exploring what the region has to offer.

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