Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The continuing saga of Belladonna's Jungle...

I continue to try to identify the plants in my new yard. Here are some I'm pretty sure what are:

Virginia Creeper (Love the way this climbs up the fence and can't wait to see it turn red in the fall...just have to keep an eye on it because it spreads EVERYWHERE if you let it. Think Kudzu in the south. Yeah, it can be invasive. Still, it's awful pretty so I'm not about to pull it all out.

Hydrangeas This was a welcome present from our nice neighbors across the street!

Rose Bushes & Rhododendrans




Grapes covering the back porch

Oregon Grape holly


Bee Balm / Monarda

Coral Bells / Heuchera


Any guesses about THESE??

Mystery Plant #1 (Mystery solved by Kathy Darrow!)
This is Hellabore

Mystery Plant #2 - FOUND IT! This is a Siberian Bugloss,

Mystery Plant #3

Mystery Plant #4
OOPS - this picture is on it's side. These are TALL plants that will soon have flowers on them. I'm hoping once the blossoms come out I can figure them out!


Katherine Darrow said...

Here are my guesses, but I'm not that great at horticultural varieties; that would be Kathy Pendley's department I think.
1. hellebore
2. violet
3. some kind of lily?

Anonymous said...

I checked out your plants, and I believe there might be a few corrections to offer:
I think your "Lamium" is actually a Pulmonaria/Lungwort (the flower is different on a Lamium); and your "BeeBalm" is actually a Centaurea - Montana Blue. I have all of these in my garden except for the Lamium, so they caught my eye.

Maureen Christy said...

I think your Bee Balm is really Centaurea Montana -- Mountain Bluet. I see that you have this mentioned previously.

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