Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I just got back from a fabulous weekend spent with my brother and his wife who live just outside Boise, Idaho. They have an amazing retreat on five acres which they have developed into a non-profit horticultural therapy and education center. All sorts of groups come out there for workshops, service projects, meditation, music, you name it. If things work out the way I plan I will be living there for a while helping out at the center. Much yet to be defined, but before the year is out I hope to be living in Idaho. I'm ready to be a spud.

The Greenhouse

By brother's house at Valli Hi


Rozel said...

Idaho is the best place every. I will welcome you to spud land and train you in the spud ways. You will come her a spudling and leave a potato (if you ever leave)!

Belladonna said...

Ah my dear friend, one of the many reasons I look forward to this transition is to get back to a place where I can connect regularly with people I love and you are clearly on that list.

I have moved MANY times and I want to be done with that. We are thinking clearly and carefully about where to live next as it is where we hope to STAY till they carry us out in a pine box! Now, the reality is that there well could be other transitons yet to come lurking in the future that I cannot forsee. But I am ever so ready to put down deep roots and make Idaho my HOME, not just the place I'm currently living for some particular job.

I'm reasonably optimistic about the job I interviewed for last Friday (keep your fingers crossed!) but if that doesn't work out I've got another interview scheduled for the 15th. I am not determined to have any one particular sort of job this time. I am determined to be in this PLACE, and will make whatever best match I can manage. I've pretty much made up my mind that I will just keep applying for jobs one after the other until something opens so it's just a matter of time till the pieces fit.

Right now we are looking mostly at Nampa and Merridian. Houses are less expensive in Nampa. Any thoughts on the relative merits of the two communities? Pros and cons?

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