Monday, November 17, 2008

Bond DUD

On Saturday my husband and brother and I went to go see Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond film.

NOT my kind of movie. chase chase, boom boom, kiss kiss, more boom boom - NO DISCERNABLE PLOT, shoddy editing, Has a few nice shots of Austria, Italy and South America. But I was not particularly entertained.

I like movies where special effects and elaborate stunts are strategically placed to ENHANCE the film rather than becoming the whole point.

This movie COULD HAVE tapped into some complex things.... loyalty, revenge, betrayal, redemption. But the pace did not allow for much development of any of that. Consequently, I never got invested enough in the outcome to build suspense. I just watched it play out, knowing that no matter how many explosions or harrowing battles there were our 007 hero would come out with barely having his hair mussed.

I still like the old Bond movies...but this new one leaves me flat.


Jess said...

Thank goodness I didn't go and see it...we almost did!

Belladonna said...

Even my brother who RAVED about the last movie, absolutely loves Daniel Craig in the role and considers him one of the best Bonds ever, said this one misses the mark. It's your basic 007 goes and does dangerous stuff to get the bad guys but has none of the glamour or the humor or the suspense that many of the others did. This one is just plain hard to follow because the way it is edited is one chase scene or explosion after another with the human interaction tossed in haphazardly, almost as an after thought. Definitely a thumbs down in my book!

Mimi said...

I do think Daniel Craig makes a good Bond, but I usually just read on the couch while Bond movies are being watched, I admit.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Yeah, a lot has gone missing with the new Bond.

Rozel said...

I love Boom, Boom movies! My favorite movies of all time are the Die Hard movies!

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