Saturday, November 10, 2007

Peace Corps Dreams

My dear pal of many years, Patty Valentine, is serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the country of Ghana. I miss her terribly but have been very excited for her to have the chance to experience this grand adventure. I just learned that one of her fellow volunteers has a blog going to describe the experience. Although they aren't doing exactly the same things, they ARE in the same general region so reading this blog helps me feel closer to Patty somehow in between the letters we share.

I once had dreams of doing Peace Corps myself. When my beloved and I both found our full time jobs coming to close in 2000 we filed applications, got fingerprinted and had our preliminary interviews to go. Then my dear husband was offered a job with Oregon State University and he opted for security over adventure and service. I had a hard time letting the dream go.

I tried to tell myself at the time that perhaps we could go at a later date...but it's looking less likely all the time. So now I just live my dream vicariously through my dear friend. What an amazing woman she is!

Patty, I don't know if or when you might ever get Internet access to read this - but if you do know you have a whole network of people back here in the states who are rooting for you and holding you tight in our hearts until you are safely home with us again. Stay Well!

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