Monday, November 26, 2007


No - I'm not talking about Angelina Jolie in Gold Paint with a tail to die for. (Although I DID go see the 3-D digital movie currently playing...)

I'm talking about the epic poem.

I read it years ago - can't say I much understood it at the time. However, the new movie has got me anxious to give it another try. Click HERE for a reason for why to read Beowulf.

As for the's quite a spectacle. I went on the recommendation from my 11 year old grandson. He loved it. Obviously his daddy is far more lenient in what sort of media his children see than I ever was, or am.


Mimi said...

I read it in anticipation of the movie and sat there slackjawed at the liberties with the plot they took.

But, it looked cool.

(although, I should admit, we took our 11 year old with us.)

papa herman said...

Becket read the book in school and LOVED it!! Juliana found him a Beowulf colouring book and he had it completed in just a few days.

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