Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Today was a first. Ever since my one experience of working as a clerk in a retail store in Florida the day after Thanksgiving way back in 1984 I have vowed NEVER to go to any store on Black Friday. But early this morning my beloved and I decided to join the melee, so on a lark we got out of bed at Oh-dark-thirty and drove into town in time to be there at 5AM. OH MY. We got some good deals, but I think it may well be another 20 years before I ever do any such silliness again!

I talked to my younger son who lives in Grandville, MI. He went to Best Buy at 3 AM and waited in line for two hours for doors to open...there were already 100 people ahead of him, some having camped out since the night before. He picked up a Gateway laptop for $400 and a Cannon all-in-one printer/scanner/copier for $35. But, like his mom, he too vows not to repeat the madness.

It's a bizarre tradition, this combat shopping. I think I went as much for the spectacle of it all as for the deals. Larry got wrangler jeans for $7.50 and I bought 2 gig flash drives for $12. We picked up a few Christmas gifts and an assortment of things we'd been wanting for the house. It was interesting. Now I'm done with all malls and big box stores until Jan 3. From here on out it will be internet shopping for everything but groceries for this girl.

1 comment:

kayliebug94 said...

grams you r SO wrong about the price thing. altogether we spent 700$ on that thing!!

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