Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Look Out River - Here We Come!

I just made reservations for my beloved and I to do a bit of white water rafting on the Deschutes River. I am ever so excited we get to go on this adventure.

I have a conference to attend in Hood River on the 26th. So husband and I will drive over Wednesday night, have a nice dinner somewhere and relax away from our many work responsibilities. (He's up to his eyeballs in wheat harvest, so getting him to commit to go was a BIG DEAL, and one I appreciate immensely!) He will go fishing while I attend the summer conference for the American Association of Women in Community Colleges.

Afterward we may do a little geocaching or just explore around Hood River.

Then on Friday we head over to Maupin where we will take a five hour guided raft trip. I can't wait! The last time I was rafting was with our good friends Pat & Chuck Butcherite when we all went to Alaska together a couple years ago. That was SO MUCH FUN that I am very much looking forward to going again.

Then on Saturday we head over to Bend to knock around antique shops, do some hiking, and maybe geocache some more. That evening we go over to Sisters, OR to hear Terri Jentz speak out about her experiences relayed in the book "Strange Piece of Paradise." After having corresponded with her via e-mail for some time it will be great to finally meet her!

So I would say we have one full weekend coming up. I am very much looking forward to it!


Mimi said...

Wow! Sounds fabulous! Enjoy, be safe, and Godspeed!

The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip! Enjoy every moment!

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