Friday, April 13, 2007

A New Read

REVISED 4/17/07 - The FIRST part of the book was great - it really captured my attention; However, once I got into it further it was awful. WAY too much profanity and lost the magic that he started with. I will NOT be finishing this book

How is it that I've managed to be an omnivorous reader all these years and completely missed the work of Elmore Leonard? I've just started his book Pagan Babies and am absolutely riveted. The story opens in Rwanda, with chilling descriptions of the horror of mass genocide the Hutu militia enacted upon the Tutsi people. From what I've read of the book reviews the story will soon be moving along to other settings and introducing new characters, but where I'm at right now has be glued to the book. From what I've seen so far, the man is truly a master story teller. Within just a few pages I was completely engaged in the characters and the setting, drawn in as if I were there.
When I did my master's thesis on the influence of gender in how people choose educational paths somewhere in my literature review I came across a quote from the 1800's that said one of the justifications for not educating girls was that if they could read they might become willful and neglect their household duties. I remember thinking it was pretty ludicrous at the time. But ya know what? The dust be damned, I can't put this book down and I don't care what anyone says, SO THERE!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

Belladonna said...

Call me cautious or call me parinoid, but I don't download stuff onto the computer I use to make a living when I don't know the source.

Mimi said...

I neglect my household duties to read all the time, and I'm unrepentant about it!

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