Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mountain Bound

I'm off to Wallawa Lake for three days of professional trainings that I'm helping to put on for the College Prep department at my college. I'll be doing technology demonstrations and facilitating work groups. Of course I'm taking a kite along and my Balderdash game, so hopefully there will be pockets of fun as well as work.

It should be a good time so long as I avoid the deer. The deer in that area are protected, and have gotten very used to people. Last time I was up there I witnessed a HUGE buck walk up behind a little girl in the camp ground and steal a s'more right out of her hand. The kid freaked out and cried, the deer merely walked leisurely away to mooch off someone else.

Then there are the Nazi squirrels who get very demanding for goodies.

It's too bad people keep feeding the wild things, taking away their wildness.

It will be a busy few days with much to accomplish. We've got a team pulled together to do some strategic planning for curriculum changes in the GED / ABE / ESL programs. We will be setting up faculty mentoring programs, reviewing data of past program outcomes, setting goals for the next two years. Nevertheless, I'm rather looking forward to a few days AWAY from the Internet, cell phone, and all the other accoutrements of my usual life. It's really beautiful up where I'm going. I hope to get some good hikes in between sessions and then come back to soak in the hot tub. Yeah, I'll be working. But what a great place to get to do it!


~Deb said...

Have a great time!!! I'm jealous. I need a vacation BAD!!! I can't believe how the deer aren't timid. The ones near my house seem to scatter as soon as they hear an ant approaching. Hmm.

papa herman said...

that is kind of how i felt when i used to work with youth and do summer camp --work, but it also felt like a vacation!

oh, but work hard too... :)

Lei said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Mimi said...

I hope you have a restful time!

Belladonna said...

It was a lot of work, but for the most part a very productive time. We had about 50 people attending so there was a lot of coordination that had to be handled, and just hauling up all the food and supplies took some doing. But the weather was perfect and everyone seemed excited to be there. A good time was had by all.

I did get to enjoy a hike to the lake each day and had one roaring game of Balderdash that will be long remembered.

My beloved and I are going back to the same place over Mother's Day weekend. We'll take the boat up to do some serious fishing on Friday, then on Saturday we'll do some hiking, hunt for Geocache, and spend some quiet down time amid the mountain wildflowers. On Sunday we'll go to church in Enterprise and then head home. I'm REALLY looking forward to it!

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