Monday, November 27, 2006

My pal Beckett

A friend of mine and I are making plans to get to get together to talk all about Egypt. As I've written here previously, I just got back from a trip there. My friend, Beckett, has been studying about Egypt in school. He is seriously interested to hear more about the monuments and the mummies, the culture and climate, along with all else that I experienced there. So we are going to go out one day soon and immerse ourselves in talk of pharos and hieroglyphics, Nile Delta flood patterns, rock formations, and tomb jewelry. I'm looking forward to it.

It just so happens that this friend of mine is quite a bit younger than me. Like about 40 years younger. Some would argue that the differences in our age (not to mention being different genders, different faiths, and having entirely different goals for our lives) would be barriers to having a meaningul friendship. But that is not an issue to me. Beckett is smart, and funny and has a powerful faith in Christ. Those are the qualities most important to me in a friend, not how old they happen to be, where they live or what their hobbies are. He likes my company and I enjoy his. So I am very much looking forward to spending some time with him.

I find it interesting so that so many folks look for others they have something in common with as a chief criteria for building new relationships. I'm not opposed to hanging out with people who think and live more as I do. It just seldom plays out that way in my world. I tend to gather folks around me who I appreciate all the more for their diversity that opens my eyes to other paths rather than those who mirror my own.

So, dear Beckett, you bet I am every bit as excited as you are to get together and share stories of Egypt. Let me get through my final exams first, ok kiddo? After that, we will definitely set a date. You can count on it!


Spoke said...

My dear Belladonna, life IS short isn't it? The boy seems to be doing life with eyes wide open! That's a good thing. Too many people wander around ignorantly oblivious to the beauty of people and places beyond their town, let alone country...
Life is precious, teach away!

papa herman said...

Don't forget that you two both enjoy playing with the sky... via kites!!

Great pic of the boy, and as a Papa it warms my heart to see how others see this kid whom I love.

Belladonna said...

KITES Rock! Becket, Tansy and I had a blast when we went out flying together. I took one of my kites to Egypt and got to fly it on Mt. Sinai. Quite the experience! I have a "car kite" that I keep in my car at all times so that if I'm ever out and about and somehow unexpectedly find I have an opportunity I can get it up in the sky for a bit of spontaneous flying. Gotta love it!

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