Saturday, November 18, 2006

Home Safe

Larry and I are back from our trip to Egypt. We are tired, jet lagged, and missing one suitcase (made it half way around the world and back and then went AWOL somewhere between Portland and Pasco). But we had a remarkable experience and loved every minute of it. Neither one of us are great photographers, and many of the pictures were taken through a van window while traveling so they are out of focus. But they will serve as reminders to us of what an amazing time we had. The most important pictures are the ones we took with our hearts rather than our cameras...scenes of the children, of our interactions with the local people, and especially of the time in sacred spiritual places, This experience rocked my world. Once I get caught up with all the things I must do for re-entry I'll try to capture some of it in words here...but some of the truly holy things we felt on Mt. Sinai, and within the walls the ancient mosque there simply are no words to describe. We felt very welcomed by the Egyptian people. I loved the food, the music, the sites, the culture. I have much to ponder in the days to come. I've been blessed to be able to travel several places over the years, but I can truly say on this trip I had the most memorable time of any trip I've ever taken. I am so very grateful for the opportunity and humbled by all that I learned.


Spoke said...

This account is so much more heart warming than that of a recent friend. All she went on about of her tropical trip was how high class it was. She sees life through $ signs yet calls herself "Christian". You see life through a compassionate eye and still enjoy the other "stuff", and for that, I thank you!

Belladonna said...

Thanks, Spoke. I put more of my spiritual related thoughts about the trip over on my other Blog, Apprentice Human

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