Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hat's off to Ya'lla Tours!

I must commend the excellent service we received every step of the way from all our friends at Ya'lla Tours. There are many, many tour companies throughout Egypt as tourism is their primary industry. I feel very blessed that we had opportunity to work with one of the best. From the day we booked our trip their communication with us was superb. The information they provided us with ahead of time made planning for this journey far easier and helped us look forward to it all with excitement rather than overwhelm or doubt. At every step of our journey we were given just the right balance between courteous service and autonomy to wander a bit on our own, always reassured that these impeccable professionals has every detail taken care of. Yes, I was VERY impressed. For anyone who may be considering a trip to Egypt in the future, I can strongly recommend this company as great folks to work with. They are very responsive to whatever the client wants - in my case specifically asking for a spiritual tour with time for reflection and prayer. I was treated with such total respect and graciousness I can never thank them enough. They welcomed me to their country and allowed me to see not just the typical tourist sites, but also took us on a great back-roads exploration of ancient Cairo, allowing me to experience a glimpse into the true daily life of the people. We saw old men smoking hooka pipes in doorways, children guiding donkeys and huge waterbuffalo laden with wares. We saw the garbage in the streets and dusty, crumbling buildings but did not focus on ugliness. My own country has plenty ugliness of its own. Instead we focused on the spirit of the land, the quiet courage of the people, the wonder of the history and the sensory delights of the music, the food, and everything else we found there. Thank you, Ya'lla tours for a job well done. I hope to be back!

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