Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shoshone Falls

Thursday after I got off work my beloved and I went to the Twin Falls temple. The Boise temple is now closed for major renovations and will remain so for about a year. So until it reopens, we'll be making regular trips to Twin Falls, about a two hour drive. Quite different from our regular Sabbath worship in our local chapel, temple attendance is something that is deeply important to me.

After our time at the temple we took a drive over to Shoshone Falls. Always a nice view, they are looking particularly spectacular right now because we have has so much rain and snow this spring, so the water is running very high.

I'm looking forward to several trips there in the coming months. We are planning to do some day hikes and picnics in the park and Larry wants to try fishing on the lake up above the falls.

Idaho has so much to offer. This really is a pretty corner of the world.

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