Friday, April 29, 2011

OOPS - I was wrong

Ever since we move to this house I've been waiting anxiously to see the rhododendrons bloom in the back to see what color they would be. When they finally popped out this spring I was delighted with their lovely lilac/pink flowers. I have savored them day after day. When I pulled out some Heavenly Bamboo that were not doing at all well in that same area I decided I would get a few more Rhodie's to go as companions to the great big ones I have there now.

Once I got to the plant store I realized my mistake. What I have are not rhododendrons at all. They are azaeleas.

I had NO idea that azaeleas even got this big! So now I'm buying some baby rhododendrons to scatter around in some spots where I hope they will thrive


Ifinder said...

Sometimes A keen and powerful eye may also err. So fascinating Flowery Template and the descriptive narration added fun too. A great heart of lover of nature with philosophically charming Profile. Thank you for sharing so inspirationally and amazingly. Best Wishes.

Kim and Victoria said...


Amy said...

Yes, they do get huge, my grandparents have some that have been there as long as I can remember they are almost as tall as their van garage. Its amazing!

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