Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little Night Life...

I wish I had a camera that would do justice to my garden at night. The previous property owners here had installed landscaped lights throughout the back yard. These are not the stick in the ground where ever you want solar lights you see in department stores. These are hard wired electric lights that go along the stone pathway. They spread a soft glow with just enough light to allow me to walk safely through the darkest corners and add a magical feel to the gardens. Then there are also five or six ground spotlights that shine up onto the tree trunks. I've got one pointed at the fountain we put in. I love my garden lights. They truly extend the amount of time I can be out there. During the day I'm usually weeding, trimming, transplanting, or scheming what I will design out there next. But in the dark of night you'll often find me quietly walking the pathways, or sitting in of the chairs out under the trees to just reflect on the peacefulness I feel out there. I'm thinking once it warms up I need to have an evening garden party out there. Now that the trees are leafing out and so very many flowers are coming back to life it really is a special spot.

1 comment:

Kim and Victoria said...

I can just imagine how nice your lights must look at night. What a great garden to light up too, with those paths to wander around on.

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