Monday, February 01, 2010

Pins & Needles..

I've been up most the night not able to sleep. My nerves are all a jangle with anticipation about whether or not I'll get the job....

However, as skittish as I may be at present, I've been learning a whole lot from this whole process. As much as I want this move north, I honestly believe I'm ready to fully accept the outcome no matter what it is. If I do not get hired I will of course be disappointed. I have so many reasons why a move to Alaska just now would be a lovely fit. But ya know what? I am finding myself very aware these days of how richly blessed I am.

I am healthy.
I have a great marriage.
I have a strong spiritual life.
I have some great friends.
I have a great dog.
I live in a place with lots of freedom.
I have a supportive family.

The list goes on and on.

So if I DON'T get to move of to the Land of Bears & Moose, it really will be ok.
But if I DO....oh holy cow, what an adventure that would be.


Jen said...

Good luck!!

Grandma Pat said...

Beautiful country. I hope things go your way.

Sounds like you had an interesting visit up there last week - kind of different, huh?

Know we are thinking of you.

Belladonna said...

Thanks for the positive vibes! Yeah, my time up there last week was my first ever visit to Alaska in winter. I took a down filled coat and dressed in lots of layers to the point I looked like the Michilin Man! However, I ended up CARRYING my coat most the time. It was in the 20's and 30's, not something I'd want to hang out in for a long time without appropriate cold weather gear, but certainly not the freeze-your-boogers-cold I had expected!

Rozel said...

I am excited to hear the outcome. It would be a big adventure.

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