Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who Turned Out The Lights??

I've been exploring around the blogosphere, reading several different blogs by writers in Alaska to get a feel for what the locals have to say about living there. One phrase that sticks in my mind is this one from What's Cool in Alaska:

"In Alaska, the tell-tale sign that winter has arrived is not the snow; it's the dark. And darkness has arrived in Eagle River, Alaska! As I type this at 7:02 am, it is pitch black outside. It's more than just dark, too. It's thick, pea-soup-fog dark that you can almost taste with every breath. It's can't-see-the-horror-movie-villain dark, until his hockey mask or machete is just inches from of your face."

Then there was another one talking about it being -52 degrees.


I've got to admit, both of these factors give me second thoughts and third thoughts and fourth thoughts about whether living in Alaska is something I'm ready for. The beauty there is absolutely stunning. I THINK we could adjust and would enjoy the lives we would build for ourselves there.

But could I really handle the cold and the dark so much of the year?

Giving it some serious thought, that's for sure...

But this is what I DO know for certain - Where EVER we land there will be things about it that I like and things about it that I do not. Already I've lived in six different states. I LOVED aspects of every one of those places and found other things I was not comfortable with.

I choose to believe that I CAN make it a positive experience in Alaska - even in the face of higher cost of living and major climate challenges.

Now I just need to land that job I'm going to interview for.


Deb H said...

Ahh, but it's not dark for long. It's the light that is amazing up here. Within a few weeks, we'll have more daylight than darkness.

It can be a hard environment when it's cold & dark, but the dark has light too. The snow makes it lighter, the stars can be brighter, & the Aurora beautiful.

I've lived here more than half of my life, & I love this place. We may retire to a warmer climate, where it's less expensive to live, but our hearts will always belong to Alaska.

Good luck with the job! Thanks for the comment. Let me know if you need any info.

Jen said...

Good luck with the interview. My moms cousins lived in Alaska (I think in Nome) and really liked it and always talk about going back.

Thank you for your kind words about my grandpa's passing. We are doing very well with it, although it does give me an interesting perspective to be seeing my grandma grieving and helping her to navigate this challenge.

Keep us updated on the job!

Mimi said...

Everyone I know who has lived there loves it. I however, can't stop making Sarah Palin jokes in my head when I read of your adventures :)

Seriously, I think it'd be gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, beautiful and cold.

Rozel said...

I just love to say "WASILLA"!

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