Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Immediate Forgiveness

I was cruising through a bunch of different blogs by backtracking comments and seeing who THEY happen to read and found this sweet gem over on Anniethology

Sometimes when things are stressful, spouses say things they don't do mean or speak without thinking. At moments like this, give each other a pass. Make up a little coupon that says, "This pass entitles you to immediate forgiveness for the dumb thing you said when we were in a stressful situation." Give your spouse a few and keep some for yourself. They may come in handy. Don't dwell on it, harp on it, or drag it on. Just forgive.

Oh yeah, this is an idea I can support.


Jen said...

Great idea!

Rozel said...

I think coupons wont be implemented in my house. If my husband gave me a coupon mid conversation-that-provoked-me-to-say-something-coupon-worthy then the printing press may run out of ink as they try to print the number of coupons my husband would need. Poor guy.

Arcadian said...

Did you ever think about the healing power of forgiveness?

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