Monday, November 23, 2009


This Saturday my beloved and I will celebrate our 28th anniversary. WoHOO! In this day of disposable commitment I consider that quite an achievement, especially since we are not just hanging out together, we still really HONOR this union we've built. Because our anniversary comes within just a few days of my husband's birthday we've often used that week as the time for some great vacations to commemorate both. We've done some amazing things... everything from a trip to Haceta Head Lighthouse bed & breakfast on the Oregon Coast (for #19) to a 10 day trip of a lifetime to Egypt on #25.

This year dollars dictate that we keep things fairly simple. But I would still like to make it as special as we can.

We've had our ups and we've had our downs. But through thick and thin, I truly love this man I'm married to and am deeply grateful for the safe haven of our marriage.

Any suggestions for how to spend a romantic weekend on a tight budget??


Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary! Many Years!

Jaquandor said...

Happy Anniversary! How about a pie fight? :)

Amber said...

Congrats! We are working on year 9, and I look up to those who have paved the way for my belief in happy, long-lasting marriages. As far as a get-a-way, I am a bit adventurous and say to find the cheapest plane ticket to anywhere you have never been and book a hotel room there. I have found that even in cities I have no desire to visit, there are hidden gems to be found. I am curious as to what you decided to do!

Belladonna said...

Actually the day of our anniversary turned out to be a bit of a bust. It was cold and rainy so the plans we had for a lovely drive, picnic and hike never materialized. RATS! But we managed ok just being home and loving each other.

Ruth D~ said...

How nice to hear of the committment that works! Congrats!

Rozel said...

A late congrats! What did you end up doing?

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