Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Man is my HERO!

I've been giving lots of thought to finding BALANCE. Since taking on my new job I've fallen back into old habits. I've had some SERIOUS relapse into my compulsive worker-bee type-A personality ways. Working 10-12 hour days. Never knowing how to turn it off. Even when I was home, thinking about work all the time.

My complete emotional melt down over recent basement flood was a real wake up call for me that I needed to change some things and get back on track.

So I am trying to re-learn how to pace myself and how to set boundaries, how to ask for help. To that end, the gentleman you see pictured here has come to my rescue in a very significant way. He has agreed to be responsible for the company cell phone on the weekends. My 24/7 shackle to that thing is finally at an end.

In truth, I rarely got many calls on the weekends. But I ALWAYS knew I MIGHT. And I have gone in to work far too many weekends. It was time to put a stop to that.

So this weekend I handed it over on Friday. I will pick it up again on Monday morning. But between now and then I don't have to think about work AT ALL. I came home and took a long hot bubble bath. I stayed in bed till 9:30 this morning - UNHEARD OF for me. I puttered in the yard. I read some blogs. I got caught up with my online classes. I took the dog for a walk. I never left the farm.

Tomorrow I will go to church and then spend the afternoon working on a project for my church. Our Relief Society (women's organization) put together a book a few years ago that has a page for each woman in the congregation giving contact info, birthday, list of family members, favorite color, favorite food, hobbies, talents and then a picture. It's a great little directory for getting acquainted. Problem is, the one they did is several years old. Some have moved in, some have moved out, a couple have died. Many have had kids and a few have changed marital status. So it needs updating. I've taken on the task, so I will spend some time scanning pictures to include with the pages and making calls to verify current info. It's a nice way for me to get to know the women in my new congregation.

Afterwards I think I might make some zucchini bread. or not. I might take a nap. Basically, this weekend I am OFF DUTY and doing all I can to rest and recharge my batteries. It's long overdue.

So thanks, Paul. I appreciate your support more than you know.

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Ruth D~ said...

Not the same thing . . . but I've been feeling sort of an odd need to DO something, accomplish something, now that I've retired. Like . . . what do you mean I should turn off my cell phone? I'm not needed any more? Not the same, but you'll be where I am someday and . . . it's close.

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