Sunday, July 20, 2008

Morgan Dog Comes Home

We were finally able to bring our dog to the new house today. When we moved in there was no fence, so it just wasn't feasible to have her here until we could get one built. We've had her boarding with some friends, neighbors of ours at the former house. I've really missed the beast! My beloved has worked really hard the last three days putting up a lovely picket fence around the yard here so now our dog can be with us. She has been walking around sniffing things and checking the place out. So far she's not quite sure what to think, but I'm sure she'll settle in fine.

We've had Morgan for about two and a half years, since she was just a few weeks old. She's one of the best dogs I've ever known.

I've been thinking about the various animals I've had in my life...

As a kid my family gathered quite an eclectic menagerie. We had goats and chickens, a pony, various dogs and cats, and at one time even three squirrel monkeys. There were guinea pigs and rats, parakeets, rabbits and a ferret. We didn't have all of these at the same time, mind you. But over the years we bonded with all sorts of critters. When I was cleaning out the house to move I found an old newspaper clipping in a drawer that told of a "Pets on Parade" event in the small town where I grew up. I walked in the parade with a chinchilla in a cage. I think I won honorable mention for "most unusual pet".

I honestly can't imagine a life that didn't include animals.

During my married life we've nearly always had a dog. Early on it was Bojangles, a fluffy mop of a dog that was quarter poodle, quarter pointer and half Shetland sheepdog. He was sharp as a whip and shared many adventures with us for over 15 years. After Bo came Ayla, a beagle who was SUPPOSED to be my dog, but totally bonded with my husband instead and usually ignored me. We had a Dalmatian named Madeline for a short while and a Shih Tzu named China.

But no dog since Bojangles has taken to our hearts the way Morgan has.

I've never been a cat person. I know several people who adore their felines, but I prefer dogs. Their level of loyalty and interaction just suits me better.

I've never understood why Leona Helmsley would leave $12 Million of her fortune to a dog. That seemed ridiculous and mean spirited to me when there are so many people and causes who could have benefited from that wealth. But I do value the relationship I have with my dog. I'm really glad she's home.


Ruth D~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruth D~ said...

What a sweetie pie. How nice you all must feel to be reunited again.

I'm a cat person, but animals of any sort . . . I love.

(typo in my original message, so I deleted it and started again.)

Belladonna said...

Hi Ruth, how are you adjusting to the no-school schedule?? Will it seem strange to not go back this fall?

RE: the delete - I have OFTEN cursed the fact that there is no spell check function for blogger comments. Too many times my fingers get going faster than my brain, and the perfectionist in me hates to leave bloopers in my comment posts.

As far as dogs vs cats thing goes, the researcher in me would love to do a full scale statistical analysis comparing the personality types that bond with one over the other. But whatever the case, I'm just glad we have whatever kind of critters we may to make our lives richer.

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