Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cardboard Free Zone!

Tonight I finally got the rest of the kitchen entirely unpacked, scrubbed and settled. I'm sure I'll move things around several times still as I try to figure out where things go. But it feels SOOO good to be free from boxes in at least a few rooms now. The basement and my office upstairs are still a horrible catastrophe of cardboard. But at least our main living areas are clear now.

Not only is the place starting to look a lot better as I get more unpacked, it's SAFER to know where things are. The week we moved in I had a near disaster.

After a long day of hauling things up and down stairs we were tired and hungry. Somehow the box marked "Pans" got put someplace other than where it should have so it took half of forever to find stuff to cook with. FINALLY I was able to piece together some stuff and started cooking jambalaya. It smelled so yummy and I was REALLY hungry!

However, cooking here is very different from cooking at the former place. At my old house I had a glass top stove that regulated heat so it was almost impossible to burn things. At this house we have just a standard electric stove that heats up FAST and stays hot. So even though I didn't have the stove turned up all that high, the rice was starting to scorch to the bottom of the pan. I looked over at the chair next to the stove where the box with all the spices and syrups and other stuff that had been in the cupboard next to the stove in the old house was sitting. I saw a can of what I THOUGHT was cooking spray in the middle of the box so I grabbed it and sprayed it into the pan to keep my rice from sticking.


It was not cooking spray. It was heavy duty oven cleaner.

Um, yeah. Not good. Suffice it to say that it made one heck of a mess and our dinner was ruined. I was darn lucky the stuff didn't catch fire.

So we've had our moments with this move. There have been several incidents that have left us frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed or exasperated. Still, more and more each day I am all the more convinced that this deliberate downsizing was a wise move for us. Bit by bit this place will become HOME, even though it's not our house. I expect we'll live here about five years. After that, who knows?

For now, it's a fit.

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Ruth D~ said...

Misery loves company. I've never sprayed oven cleaner in my food, but under your circumstances you were in I certainly could have. Must have smelled. Did you cry . . . swear . . . go out to eat? You're building memories that will make this place home . . .even if only for a while.

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