Monday, June 04, 2007

Life by Design

I'm experimenting with a new blog that will be rather different from this one. If you are curious, you can check it out at Life-by-Design. I will continue to post my usual nonsense here on a sporadic basic. The other one, however, is more where my energies are going these days.

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Amazed said...

Just a few comments on several of your posts. I just found you and then have tried to track your trailings to find out where you have ended up. Several of your posts, though, have resonated with topics that have been on my mind.
Finding peace. Can someone else really know you? Cookie cutter images. I will skip the "peace" one (you can check out my thoughts on

since I am still pondering....but I really don't think anyone else can "know" everything about you, the "inside" of you nor do I think it is necessary. I've heard the saying that "to be understood is better than to be loved" or something like that. A sense of understanding, yes, but complete- I'm not sure. I have a wonderful marriage and wonderful friends and family but it would be impossible for them to know every thought, every fear, every desire, unless we tell them (and drive them nuts with too much information) plus even who we "think" we are is in constant motion. But our Heavenly Father knows us individually and completely. And when we find our self-esteem in him, and our worth in his eyes, and know he has experienced all our sorrows and fears and joys, and find comfort in that, we can stop worrying about what other people think of us or if they "understand" us. And we can realize that just as you are unique, so are all those "cookie cutter" images you mentioned that (not just you, but Mormon society likes to perpetuate) are each as unique as well. We can't get our self loving or image from others. We have to find it within. And when we are comfortable with our realationship with God, and REALLY understand his love and his UNDERSTANDING of us, then we can start "really living" and "loving" and appreciating and growing....and we find the greatest peace with that knowledge. The quote from The Prophet took me right back to college..."Let me speak of giving. You give but little when you give of your possessions....(the highlight was "but it is when you give of yourself that you truly give.") I think I memorized half the book! And you probably did too! Sorry, didn't mean to ramble but your topics stirred me. It is nice to share.

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