Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who would you Morph With?

My oldest brother is a computer whiz, and has mastered the art of "Morphing" digital images. This means starting with two still images he creates an animation that slowly turns one picture into the other picture. For instance, he has a blind friend that he created a morph of that changes Ryan into his Guide Dog. It's really amazing to watch.

However, he has also come up with another interesting use of the technology. He has a photo of himself that he has tinkered with so that it is 75% him and 25% Mel Gibson. You really can't tell he's doctored the image at's still at the stage that it is very much recognizably HIM, yet somehow a bit more - powerful? Hard to identify exactly what is different. But there is a definite Mel factor going on that makes my brother looking much hotter in this particular picture than he does in real life. Hey, he's a GREAT guy, but no movie star!

So who would YOU morph with to "spice up" your own physical features? I know this is shallow and silly, what I find interesting about the question is to discern what other people find attractive.

Absolutely there is more to being comfortable in one's own skin, smiling sincerely, and the light-in-the-eyes that comes from spiritual peace that exudes a sense of beauty than full lips or high cheekbones.

Still... how we define what features are attractive is intriguing just the same.

I'd love to look like Reba McEntire.

That doesn't mean I am going to despise myself for being who I am.

Who would you morph your image with - to still be you but maybe add a thing or two?

1 comment:

Spoke said...

Someone Pj digs...pure eye candy, for her. Iggy Pop, Christopher Walken, Ian Tracey, Alan Rickman...she goes for those guys that look like they live on Vitamin C and cocaine.
If it were just for me...selfish me? Ann Margaret, Kiera Knightly, Patti get the idea.

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