Monday, January 15, 2007

Baby Bear Eggs

Both my husband and I have the day off from work today in honor of MLK, so we've enjoyed a slow, relaxed morning together and then drove the six miles to the next town to have breakfast at the Adams cafe. It's places like this that make me appreciate living out here in the middle of rural nowhere land. The waitress was friendly without being intrusive, The atmosphere of the place charming without being cliche. I was served what can only be called "baby bear eggs"...not too hard, not too soft, but JUST RIGHT! Goldilocks would have loved 'em. The fresh biscuit was to die for yummy. The hot chocolate to wash it all down completely hit the spot. The only bad part of breakfast there was that afterwards I was much too full to even consider sampling either the fresh home-baked coconut cream pie or the blackberry cobbler they were offering. I guess we'll have to go back another time to check out the pie.

1 comment:

Jaquandor said...

What is it about little towns in the country that their little cafes, diners, and truck stops always have the best breakfasts?

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