Saturday, October 07, 2006


Just out of curiosity I was taking a look at my blogger stats to see where people come from who land at Mind muffins. The world wide web in an amazing thing. I've had people log on from Australia, Russia, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Spain, Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, Japan and Canada as well as all over the USA. Greetings to one and all!

There was a big spike in interest recently because somebody linked to my Pie Face comment on some forum dedicated to pie-in-the-face humor. Go figure. I never knew such a thing existed! I ought to go through my old photo albums and post some of the classics over there.

Not sure where it is right now, but there is one that was taken in Phoenix when I was in my early 20's. I came home from work, walked in the door, and SPLAT - got hit by a double suprise - a big gooey cream pie in the face delivered by my sister from Tucson who I did not have any idea was coming up to help me celebrate.

The great thing about that picture is the reaction of my two sons. Aaron, my youngest, who is now 30 was about 2 or 3 at the time. He is looking at me in horror, wondering why I have pie all over my face. His big brother, however, has a very mischievious grin on his face as he licks cream off the wall behind me! (He had seen enough other pie faces to know I was not hurt and that it was all in good fun.)

I did give my kids pies in the face a couple times during their pre-teen years, but they said "Mom, this is just too sticky to be a tradition!" So I didn't manage to pass that particular torch. Oh well, their loss.

I'll keep pie facing through life. I'm trying to come up with something extra spectacular to do next year for my 50'th birthday. Maybe go through a gauntlet of 50 different pies? Who knows?


"The Rake" said...

Each of the Geocaching and Waymarking websites have an area where they write the code for those banners for you to paste on your blog.

on the waymarking website on the left side of the screen about 1/2 down is a waymarker banner - click it and it will take you to a page with several options of HTML code to paste to the template of your blog.

on the geocaching website in your profile page you will see a link on the right side of the page saying "view my stat bar". Clicking this link will take you to a page that has the banner written in HTML code for you to paste to the template of your blog.

Belladonna said...

Hey rake, thanks for the tip on where to get the code for my geocaching stats. BTW, cool shark picture....only I try not to think about those critters when my scuba diving husband is down makin' bubbles. He loves seeing them, but just knowing they are down there with him gives me the heebie jeebies!

Pondering Pig said...

I like to look at my stats too sometimes, but I've never had a clear explanation of what they mean, have you? First there are hits, which apparently means every surfer and searchbot who comes by including people who come by accidentally and immediately click out of there. Then there are pages and files and visits. I wish I knew what all these terms actually meant. I'm sure then I would be as happy as a king.

Spoke said...

What say you float a pie on a body of water and dive towards it from 50 feet up? Its not far, come're a big girl. Give it a go! You could post the shots/vid here.

Belladonna said...

Hey Ponderer - I agree that some of the stats can be of little value. The ones I like are those that show me the referring page people came FROM (I get a lot from your blog actually) and then where people went TO when they were done looking at my stuff.

Spoke - as for your suggestion, NOT A CHANCE!!! I'm a bit of a weenie when it comes to both heights and water, so even considering jumping into water from a high distance makes my skin crawl!

I did jump into the ocean off the back of a boat in the Bahamas a couple years ago. The snorkeling was great but that inital leap was NOT a pretty sight. I'd much prefer to crawl in SLOWLY and CARFULLY. What a woose!

nosorethroats said...

i turn 50 next july, and have asked my wife to hit me with 50 pies in honor of the event. (i'll use home made pies, not whipped cream in a plate) she in turn asked that i hit her with 41 pies to comemorate her birthday come february. so yeah go for it & have some fun!!!

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