Monday, July 21, 2014

Closing Down Shop

This blog is no longer active. It is a collection of things I wrote from 2006-2011. It's just a silly little personal blog, a place where I rambled about my comings and goings throughout those years. I never expected anyone outside my immediate family and friends would have any interest in reading it. Oddly enough, I found several friends through this blog that I never would have met any other way. Some I have since lost touch with. A couple remain very dear to me to this day.

It all started when I attended a professional conference called the Pacific Northwest Great Teacher's Seminar. One of the other faculty there introduced me to how blogs worked and I started writing under the pseudonym of "Belladonna Piranha". Over the years I stopped and started several times, depending on what else was going on in my life at the time. Since then I have at various times started several other blogs for various purposes. These days I don't post much.

I may at some point pick it up again. But for now it is just a repository - something I can go back to when the mood strikes to find things I filed away for a rainy day....

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