Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Franken-butt Anniversary

One year ago today my beloved went under the knife to have hip replacement surgery. The months leading up to and immediately following the operation were a struggle. My strong, capable husband endured tremendous pain for months and became in most respects an invalid. When our granddaughters came to visit last August they pushed him around in a wheel chair every where we went.

Gratefully, he has had a full recovery and is now able to do very nearly everything he ever could. He has one dilly of a scar on his butt (which I do have photos of but will NOT be posting) and at times still gets a little pain.

But considering the extent of the surgery, we are both pretty amazed at how well he has bounced back. The human body's abilty to heal from all sorts of mishap and trauma is nothing short of amazing.

As we think about where we were and what we were doing one year ago today we both recognize we have very much to be grateful for.

Hopefully we'll have another 10-20 years of active, productive life before we have to worry about "invalid" status again. Or not. What I do know after than dress rehearsal into the world of pain and limitation is that every healthy day we get is a precious gift to be savored and appreciated.

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Hip Replacement said...

Hi Belladonna.
My name is Colin and I came across your blog recently. I`m glad that your husband had recovered fully from his hip implant surgery. I`m going through it right now, well I`m on the recovery period. I know how hard it is. We had to make certain changes in our home. We arranged all the things i`m using like plates, food, to places reachable by hand, so I wont have to bend. My biggest concern is to not be a burden to my family. I couldn't be much more grateful to my wife, since she's helping me a lot, while also dealing with the children and work as well.
I`m confident that with time I`m going to regain my full mobility, but at this moment I feel pretty helpless.

Best regards,
a fellow blogger stopping by the first time.

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