Sunday, February 13, 2011

Freeze Your Boogers Cold

Tomorrow I am heading out to Baltimore for several days of meetings for my job. So, as I'm getting my suitcases packed and printing out my itinerary, I just checked out the anticipated weather there. It's gonna be COLD. Perhaps that's just as well. It will remind me loud and clear that winter is still with us. It darn sure is not time to pack away the long johns yet.

Today was absolutely gorgeous here in Boise. Made me hanker for spring. I KNOW it's only February. We're likely to see more snow before this winter of 2010-2011 is over. This was just a brief respite. But oh, how glorious it felt. Yesterday I took Morgan the wonder dog for a long walk and used that as a chance to catch up with a friend I had not had a chance to visit with for a while. As we walked all around the neighborhood we saw several people out raking leaves up, trimming roses, savoring being out in the sun.

I am ever so grateful for seasons - even the "freeze your boogers" cold spells we occasionally get. I lived a lot of years in Arizona where there was little change in the look of things. Seasons went from mild to hot to holy cow- cook your brains hot. In Phoenix there were never any tulips or daffodils in sprig time (except those sold by florists). There were no red leaves in the fall. For all the nice things about living in the valley of the sun, the monotony of sand, sun, concrete and palm trees sure did get old.

Here I feel very connected to the earth through the changing seasons. It serves as a good reminder for me that life has times of rapid growth and new green shoots and times of dormancy and dark.

I love the seasons. All of them. Each has it's own beauty.

Still, I really am ready for spring.


Jaquandor said...

Heh! Here in Buffalo, we've been praying for a stretch of temperatures like that. We've been in the teens for two weeks now. Talk about booger-freezing! (And that's an unpleasant sensation in itself, right? You can always tell by the people who have just come in from outside, the ones who stand there wiggling their noses back and forth in an effort to break up the frozen mucus up there.)

And hey, maybe you'll have a conference in Buffalo someday! If so, we'll have to arrange an exchange of pies. :)

Belladonna said...

Absolutely! Actually I think you should come visit your in-laws in IDAHO and then come see ME!

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