Wednesday, October 07, 2009


You would think that somebody who has moved as many times as I have would have gotten rid of most of the unnecessary clutter in their lives. Somehow, however, I seem to have accumulated A LOT of stuff.

As I am preparing for a possible move to Alaska, I am re-evaluating how important to me every thing I own really is. It is VERY expensive to ship things up north. So it just makes sense to get rid of anything I currently own which I do not either a)USE or b) really love.

Sounds simple enough. Until I start going through all the boxes I have stored in my basement and in the closets. Oh my. I have things stored there which I have not even LOOKED at in over a year. That by definition should mean I can get by just fine with out it, right? Um, well, sorta. But not THIS piece. ARGH!

I have A LOT of framed photos. When we lived in our big house they were all over the walls. Now they are in boxes. Granted, I spent a lot of money on those frames and some of them are very nice pictures. But I've managed just fine this long without having them out. And chances are, my next house will be as small or smaller than this one. So...what to do with all these pictures???

Then there is the furniture. What about that? Obviously some of it will go with us. But not all. What about the pieces we choose not to take?

I think that's the hard part for me. It's not so much that I have to keep them. I am just very torn on the best outcome for my things. They are way too good to just throw away. I do not have interest or suitable place to have a yard sale. I don't have the time or energy to do Craig's list or eBay. So do I really just give it all away?

Yep. I have enough. There are people who do not. I can give away the things I don't need.

I believe that. Really. I do.

And then I start coveting my own stuff....

WHY would I care about a fancy dish that has been in a box for a year?
WHY would I care about a framed picture I absolutely know I'll never hang again?
WHY would I care about any number of material things I do not use ever?

It simple, really. Each one of these things has so many memories attached. I know the drill - take a box of index cards and WRITE OUT the memory you associate with the thing. If you want, take a photo of the thing to attach to the card. KEEP the memory. Get rid of the THING. It makes perfect sense.

Still, for whatever reason, for me that's really hard to do.

Deep breath. LET IT GO...


Jen said...


I'm not one to hold on to stuff, usually. But I have in the past thrown things away that I later missed, so I try to temper my stuff-purges and make sure I really think it through before I toss things.

Anonymous said...

do you know what I love about your blog? hearing your voice as I read it, because it is so naturally you.

i have too much stuff too. and it drives me crazy xoxo mikaelyn

Grandma Pat said...

Yeah.... I can relate. We have way to much "stuff" also. I get depressed sometimes when I see it all. Doesn't seem to bother hubby, so we sit here in our stuff.
Poor kids.... what a job they will have when we pass on.

Rozel said...

I have never had that problem. In fact, I have quite the opposite problem I toss, give away, and sell anything that is not nailed to the floor. In fact one of my good friends asked me:
"Are you ever going to decorate"
My response:
"No, because then I would have to dust"

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