Friday, July 03, 2009


I just finished reading reviews of the book "Twilight" over on Jacquandor's blog, Byzantium Shores. (yeah, that's where I usually go when I'm up in the middle of the night and can't sleep.)

I've never read Twilight and don't really plan to. I've heard some people rave about it and some say it is crap. Just not a genre I'm interested in.

I TRIED to read the first Harry Potter book, but it left me cold. I quit after the first 70 pages, baffled by all the hype.

I've been thinking some about why I think of some books as well written and others as not. It has a lot to do with voice. I like a book that uses words well and that engages me into the characters.

I just finished reading My Sister's Keeper when I talked about over on Page Nibblers. I liked that book A LOT. So I picked up another book by the same author, this time trying Songs of the Humpback Whale which I'm having a very tough time getting into. Meanwhile I'm listening to the audio book I See You Everywhere by Julia Glass. That book has me absolutely gripped, although at first the way it kept skipping around in time had me a little perplexed. Once I got the hang of a non-linear story I got very interested.

Another book I recently listened to that I actually liked a lot was Widow of the South by Robert Hick, a civil war novel based on a true story.

Then, for a change of pace I listened to The Blue Zone by Andrew Gross, a thriller about a family ripped apart when the father is arrested for money laundering and dealings with a Columbia drug cartel. He testifies against his partner and the family goes into hiding in the federal witness protection program... one thing leads to another and soon you find that nothing is as it seems.

There are so many good books out there...

It is interesting to me how authors manage to create characters, events, whole worlds sometimes out of thin air. Some pull it off better than others. Some take away my breath with their power with words. Others leave me wondering why I bothered. And isn't it interesting how different people will have such completely different takes on the very same book?

So for the twilight fans or Harry Potter fans ... more power to you for liking those books that I had utterly no interest in. I don't feel the need to bash the books as drivel. I just pass them by and reach for something else. To each their own.


Rozel (a.k.a. Michelle) said...

Wow, you are a busy book reader. I try to only read one book at a time that way I make sure to finish it (and not get confused). I do have a pile of books by my bedside waiting to be read.

I have never read Harry Potter and have always thought that I should (because everybody is doing it). I did fall into the Twilight trap BUT I enjoyed reading those mindless books, and it really isn't my type of book either.

My favorite type of book is non-fiction. I feel like I am learning (and you know my fear about my brain dying).

Mimi said...

Those are very good thoughts. Ironically, I just finished Twilight, and I was shocked at how badly written it was. I knew it wasn't fantastically written, but wowza.

Anyway, interesting storyline, though, you do get sucked in and want to find out how it ends.

Jaquandor said...

Nine times out of ten if I don't like a book it's because it's simply not my cup of tea. It's pretty infrequent that I loathe a book and find myself able to give really concrete reasons as to why I loathe it.

And frankly, I can count on one hand the number of books I've loathed on the level of "Twilight"! When I find myself hating something that much, I become a bit fascinated as to why I hate it so much. Maybe I'm masochistic in some way?

Belladonna said...

Well, I finally broke down and listened to Twighlight as an audio book, and then followed it up with New Moon. I was NOT impressed. But I figured what the heck, I could take in the stories while washing dishes, folding laundry and other Domestic Godess type stuff that require my hands but not my brain. As it turned out, neither of these books required my brain either. But at least now I can keep up in the conversation about it with a few 15 / 16 yr olds I happen to know.

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