Sunday, March 01, 2009

Old Clothes

Question - What is the longest you have had any article of clothing that you currently wear?

As I was getting dressed for church this morning it occured to me that the dress I put on is one I wore to my younger son's wedding...considering his daughter is 14 yrs old, it's been hanging in my closet (and been worn a few times every year) for quite some time. It's comfortable and looks nice without being too fancy. I take good care of it so it's not worn out. But at what point will I say enough is enough and retire it?

I guess I've never understood why some people feel they need to get a whole new wardrobe every year or two. I pick up new things now and again, more often buying new-to-me things at vintage or consignment shops. But having the latest fashion trend just never did impress me much. Still...I'm thinking 15 yrs is long enough for one garment. I definitely think I got my money's worth on this one.


Jaquandor said...

Wow, do I loathe the concept of "fashion". I'll never understand how we can go from thinking one thing looks great this year but think it looks terrible next year.

It probably comes as no surprise, but the article of clothing that's been mine the longest is a pair of overalls that I bought in 1994; they're still in perfectly decent shape. I also own a couple of pairs of "vintage" overalls that are probably from the 70s, but I've only owned those personally for four years now.

For me, the most pressing reasons to buy new clothes are (a) wear, and (b) I'm slowly shrinking out of stuff that's already pretty old.

Belladonna said...

I have changed clothes over the years as I've gained / lost weight. I generally don't wear anything too tight or form fitting, so many of my dresses (including the one I have on right now) are fairly forgiving of changes in size as long as they aren't too dramatic. Most pants, however, just don't fit right if I go up or down more than 10-15 lbs.

I gave away A LOT of my clothes last year when I dropped 30 lbs. Now I'm creeping back up. Guess I better get back in shape soon cause I'm darn sure not buying a whole new set of fat clothes!

Rozel said...

I have not been a huge cloths girl. I generally wear an article of clothing until it falls apart or they no longer fit. I am up and down in my weight as well so I have a chubby cloths wardrob and a not-so-chubby cloths wardrob.

Grandma Pat said...

There is a jacket and a winter coat I've had since 1991 (about 17 years, right?). The jacket just went into the "Goodwill" pile. The winter coat will probably be worn a few more years.

Sounds like I buy more new clothes than rest of you - but definitely don't do it just for "fashion's sake". Sometimes my husband goes shopping with me because he says, "You wear the same things all the time!"

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