Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pacific Northwest Beauty

I had intended to leave a long comment over on Violins and Starships but apparently there was an error in some of the HTML code I typed in for links so most of it got lost. So rather than start over there I figured I'd just post it here where I could edit any problems...

I was singing the praises of the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon coast is DEFINITELY worth visiting. My husband and I spent a weekend at the bed and breakfast at Heceta Head Lighthouse that was absolutely amazing.

Other special places worth taking in,

The drive through the Columbia Gorge - between Hood River and Portland has over 25 waterfalls, from the stunning to the sublime...several with nice hiking trails to the top through lush land.

Then there's Ho National Forest over in Washington, amazing old growth forest that makes my spirit soar.

The interpretive center at Mt. St. Helens is definitely work taking in. A whole hillside of giant trees scattered like pick up sticks gives silent testatment to the power of that might volcano's force.

Or if you enjoy covered bridges Oregon has lots of them.

Whether it's exciting city stuff in Portland or Seattle, quiet moutain retreats, skiing, windsurfing, or just taking in a farmer's market we've got it all here in the Pacific Northwest.

I may be a desert baby by birth, but this part of the country has most definitely captured my heart.


Tristi Pinkston said...

We went to Oregon to visit family a few years back, and went to the coast. It's so lovely.

Dan said...

I have a blog entry coming on my top 10 things about Washington... waiting to get some pictures to help. I love all the trees and water. Still miss my desert periodically, but love the trees.

Belladonna said...

Hi Tristi,
Nice to have you drop in. How's the writing coming along?

Hey Daniel, GREAT to hear from you. You definitely should do a road trip and bring the family over to the dry side to visit. Door's open for you & yours anytime.

Jen said...

I can't even tell you how much I love Oregon and the Oregon coast. We watched Twilight (cringe) the other day, and all the Washington scenery just made me crave going home to Oregon. Funny though, I've never been to a single place you mentioned in this post! I've been to dozens of lighthouses, but not that one, and I've never seen a covered bridge in Oregon--but my grandparents used to live across one in Utah years ago. It's since been replaced with a regular old boring bridge. I guess I have some new places to explore on my next trip up there!

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