Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Bucket List - REVISED

I did this list a while ago when I first got it as an e-mail. Since then a few other versions have floated across my screen. I just got tagged again with an updated one on FaceBook with a lot more categories to respond to, so I figured I'd add the items I left on the first time around...

I'll BOLD the ones I've actually done and put occasional comments in italics.

Gone on a blind date.
(I've made many blind choices in my life...but done very little formal "dating" blind or otherwise.)

Donated Blood

Skipped school.
(way more than I should have....)

Watched someone die
I've been touched by death several times, but not been there at the exact moment.

Been to Canada I have GREAT memories of taking my boys to Niagara Falls when they were little and then there was a fishing trip to Thessalon once that was pretty fun.

Been to Mexico

Been to Florida I really enjoyed Ft. Lauderdale, had a blast at Key Largo but I DESPISE Orlando and would feel blessed never to return. I lived in Juno Beach (just north of West Palm) for a few months one winter...lessons learned there are a story for another day.

Been to Hawaii

Been to Africa

Been on a plane
I am always a bit surprised how many people have NOT been on a plane. I've done lots. My first experience was on a little prop plane at the fair grounds when I was a kid. The pilot took people up for a nickle per pound of their body weight and took a few spins around the town so you could look down and see your house, the school, the church and all those people you knew looking like ants. This was back before air travel had become common and felt like an exhilarating rush at the time. (Yep, I'm THAT old). Since then I've been on LOTS of commercial flights. My absolute favorite was the Lufthansa flight that took us to Frankfurt, Germany on our way to Cairo. Now THAT is an airline that knows how to treat passengers like valued guests!

Been on a helicopter

Been lost

Gone to Washington, DC

Hugged a homeless person
(Did that today, as a matter of fact. One of the women in the shelter my agency runs just got a job and is taking steps toward independence. I'm really proud of her!)

Swam in the oceanAtlantic, Pacific, and Red Sea

Swam with Stingrays
Thank you NO. I admit I get a little creeped out when wild fish or other swimmy critters come close in the ocean. I once got mugged by a school of something or another at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii. Totally weird.

Been sailing in the ocean
Well, not EXACTLY. I've been on a variety of water crafts, but not a sailboat.
One of the more interesting was a "water bus" we took from the main island of Fiji out to the remote out islands of the Yasawas. Quite an interesting ride.

Broken a bone

Been in a traffic accident.

Cried yourself to sleep

Been on TV

Stole traffic signs

Played cops and robbers
Well, not exactly. But as children following the Chicago convention in '68 my sibs and I played demonstrators and police. Those taking on the "police" role wore football helmets and carried improvised billy clubs. Those being the rioting demonstrators got to run around the yard carrying placards and chanting slogans until they were chased to the ground.......

Recently colored with crayons

Sang Karaoke

Volunteered at a soup kitchen

Paid for a meal with coins only

Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch

Seen the Northern Lights

Been Para sailing

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
from consuming one more piece of pie than I should have to engaging in a relationship that led to a seven year marital nightmare.

Made prank phone calls

Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Yes, I was blessed to spend time in the town PRE-Katrina.

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose & elsewhere.

Fed an elephant

Caught a snowflake on your tongue

Fired a gun

Danced in the rain

Been to the opera
I've seen lots of live stage plays and some excellent musicals, even the symphony but never the opera.

Written a letter to Santa Claus

Serenaded someone

Seen a US President in Person
Jimmy Carter came to my college and gave a fascinating presentation. Although I voted for him I was not the least bit impressed by his performance as commander in chief. Still, I've always respected him as a humanitarian and diplomat. He was a lousy president IMHO, but quite a remarkable human being.

Watched the sunrise with someone

Driven a race car

Been to a National Museum

Been to a Wax Museum

Eaten caviar

Been kissed under the mistletoe

Watched the sunrise with someone

Blown bubbles

Gone ice-skating

Been deep sea fishing

Driven across the United States

Been in a hot air balloon
My beloved and I had an appointment to go but flight got cancelled due to high winds. RATS! That's something I still want to do.

Gone skydiving
Why would I jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

Gone snowmobiling

Lived in more than one country

Layed down outside and admired the stars while listening to crickets

Caught fireflies in a jar

Seen a falling star and made a wish

Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser

Seen the Grand Canyon

Seen the Statue of Liberty

Gone to the top of the Seattle Space Needle
Nice view, but highly over-rated and not really worth the price IMHO

Been on a cruise

Travelled by train

Travelled by motorcycle

Been horseback riding

Ridden on a San Francisco Cable Car

Been to Disneyland AND Disney world

Truly believed in the power of prayer

Been in a Rain Forest

Seen whales in the ocean

Been to Niagara Falls

Ridden on an elephant

Been to the Olympics

Walked on the Great Wall of China
Someday, I hope.

Saw and heard a glacier calf
Nope, only saw the papa glaciers.

Been spinnaker flying
I don't have any idea what a spinnaker is

Been water skiing

Been snow skiing
Cross Country only

Been to Westminster Abby

Been to the Louvre

Swam in the Mediterranean
One of the few oceans I've missed

Been to a major league baseball game

Been to a National Football league game

Swam with sharks
Good gracious NO!

Been white water rafting

Written a book or a screenplay

Been skinny dipping outdoors

Gone to the movies
Yep. Plenty of times.

Have a nickname

Body piercings
Only if ears count

Other Questions:

1. Favorite drink? hot chocolate or Good Earth tea.

2. How much do you love your job? This week, things are going well. Some days, not so much.

3. Birthplace? Flagstaff, AZ

4. Favorite vacation spot? Can't pick just one...have had some great trips!

5. Ever eaten just cookies for dinner? Cereal yes, cookies, no.

6. Favorite pie? For EATING I prefer fruit pies, cherry or peach. For face splatting obviously the cream pies are best - something like coconut or Boston cream.

7. Favorite holiday? 4th of July

8. Favorite food? anything I don't have to cook.

9 Favorite smell? my husband just out of the shower, baking bread, ozone in the air mixed with grease wood and sage after a rainstorm in the desert

10. How do you relax? reading, writing, walking through wheat fields, hanging out with friends.

11. How do you see yourself in 10 years? I'll be 61, my husband will be 73. Depending on health and economics...hopefully living life with passion.

So that's my answers. How about you?


Rozel said...

I am soooo behind on my blog reading. You have three post! I will take on your challenge and post my answers.

Jaquandor said...

I was already formulating my answers for this quiz when I realized I've done it before! Wow.

One thing that struck me: The Wife always tells me that I smell good out of the shower. This always confuses me a little, but now you say the same thing about your husband, so...yeah, I don't know where I'm going with this.

(My word-verification thing is "Protard", which sounds like a real word but also a derogatory one, oddly enough. Hmmmm.)

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