Saturday, March 15, 2008

Power Caching

I had every intention of doing my taxes today. But I got restless and decided to hit the hiking trails in search of geocache instead. I found three on my own this morning while my beloved was in a leadership meeting at our church. Then this afternoon we went out together and found eight more. We got in a lovely walk/hike through Ft. Walla Walla Park.

I especially enjoyed the Botany series. These caches will take you to the places where specific trees, shrubs, vines or plants can be seen. Today we found Golden Currant, Snowberry, Black Hawthorne, Lodgepole Pine and Ponderosa Pine.

There were a couple hides right in town we tried for that we never could locate - too many "muggles" to do a proper search. But no matter. I prefer the hunts that take me out hiking in open areas and away from curious eyes far better than trying to look inconspicuous poking around a very busy intersection.

After a long stormy winter that has kept us indoors more than I like it felt great to get out to stretch our legs, even if it was a bit blustery. We walked a couple miles and got to see signs of spring popping up all over. It really was a lovely day.

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Happy Spring!

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