Friday, March 09, 2012

BOOK REVIEW - The Night Sky: A Journey From Dachau to Denver and Back

Last night I finished reading Night Sky - A Journey From Dachau to Denver and Back by Maria Sutton.

This is quite a remarkable story - the tale of one woman's search to learn about her family, doggedly pursuing a genealogical research project that took over 40 years to complete. During that time the author travels to Europe to retrace the steps of her mother and father after their capture and time in forced labor and in the death camps during World War II. It's part mystery, part history, part romance as she weaves the story of her deep need to know what really happened between her parents and why her mother has kept it all secret for so many years.

There were some parts of this book that were totally engrossing when I simply could not put it down. There were other parts I felt were repetitive or anti-climactic. A few spots seemed inconsistent, leaving an unsettled discontent for me. Yet overall, I enjoyed the book. It's well worth the read.

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Shameless Groupie

There were many reasons we chose to move to Boise in 2010. But let's face it, there are other towns that have equally nice climates, affordable housing and access to beauty.

What I would not have had if we had moved other places would have been the opportunity to hang out with my musician brother, Andy Pendley.

Tonight Larry and I went to go hear Shakin' Not Stirred, the band that Andy plays in, at Lock Stock & Barrel.

Most of their tunes I am familiar with. Still, it's great fun to go time and again to share in the energy these musicians crank out together. First and foremost I am a fan because it's my big brother on lead guitar. Beyond that, however, I genuinely have a good time every time we hear them play and enjoy the music. Some of the work is truly stunning.

Tonight as we were listening to their rendition of one of my favorite songs, "Hang Tough", from their 1st CD I got a big silly grin on my face and looked over at my husband with tears in my eyes and said "I am SO grateful we moved to Boise. I am so glad we get to do stuff like this."

I truly am richly blessed.

In Like a Lion - Out Like a Lamb

Over the past few days we've had lovely weather here in Boise. It has been so nice that things are beginning to come to life in my yard. I have crocuses blooming. My pussy willow tree is covered in catkins. Tulips and daffodils are starting to push up through the ground. I can tell that in the next few weeks things are going to begin bursting back to life after their long winter sleep.

Then, this morning, we woke up to snow. Thee wasn't a huge accumulation. By late afternoon a lot of it had melted off. It was just that typical wrestling between old man winter and the nymph sprite of spring. Winter does not want to give up just yet. But he's on his last legs.

On our way into town this evening to go here my brother's band playing at Lock Stock and Barrel I was sort of surprised to see we still had daylight when it was nearly 7PM.

The days are indeed getting longer. My first back yard potluck of the year is just 4 weeks away.

I'm ever so ready for SPRING!

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